For Data Curators

Please contact us to to get a login and password for The Museum of Data if you would like to become a Data Curator.

Once you have a login, please follow the tutorial below for how to add your Object to The Collection.

The first step is to make sure you have a data object you would like to “collect”. Think about why this object is significant and what collecting it here means – will you be uploading the actual object (e.g a file, or a piece of code)? Or will you be uploading a representation or image of the object in order to present its significance? Even asking this question raises some important questions about what a data object is.

When you are ready and have thought about “what” you are adding you can start to catalogue it.

At the top of the page, click the ‘new’ tab and select ‘object’

You will then be faced with the sorts of questions that museum catalogues ask of their collections. We have included prompts to each question in order to help you. It is the act of cataloguing which should provoke you to start asking interesting questions of your object. Please be as detailed as you can in answering.

Some of these questions will make sense or “work” and others will not. We encourage you to experiment with your answers – we are happy for you to explain your thinking, or raise more questions and there are opportunities for you to change the form of the catalogue by adding new fields or choices that will then come up for other curators.

For your object to be made public you will need to check make public box (otherwise your object will be accessioned but it will not be seen on the website – this might be appropriate if you choose to use the museum to conserve an object that should not be seen by everyone) and you MUST also upload a thumbnail image of the object.