Everydays: The First 5,000 Days

Added to the Museum of Data by Ann Brody on Monday, April 19, 2021. Museum of Data Collection ID: 788.

Public description: This object is a copy and paste image of a digital artwork that has been sold as a non-fungible-token (NFT) – a unit of data that resides on a digital ledger (blockchain) that represents a unique digital item. NFTs are digital tokens that function as certificates of authenticity, however, instead of physical documents, they are unique strings of characters that represent the registry for the digital art piece on the blockchain. For instance, The NFT for this art piece is 0x2A46f2fFD99e19a89476E2f62270e0a35bBf0756:40913. NFT art pieces operate similar to physical art, in that owners are allowed to sell the piece to someone else but cannot reproduce the artwork to sell copies. The object made by the artist Beeple, is a collage made up of 5,000 different digital art images. They are a mix of works that portray strange dystopian futures and political commentaries on current events. The artist posted these images online on a daily basis, for the past 13 years. The digital art piece has been sold for $69 million at a traditional art auction, breaking the record for the most expensive digital art ever sold.

Materials used: Digital image of the Beeple art rendered in Google Chrome.

Credit: Art credit goes to the graphic designer, Mike Winkelmann (professionally known as “Beeple”). However, the crypto investor, Vignesh Sundaresan is the current buyer who holds ownership rights to this digital art piece.

Copyright: Retained by the artist, Beeple.

Size: The original size of the artwork is 21, 069 x 21, 069 pixels (319,168, 313 bytes).

Creation date: 2021/02/21 00:00:00

Other date: 2007/05/01 00:00:00

Alternate identifiers: 0x2A46f2fFD99e19a89476E2f62270e0a35bBf0756:40913 is the repository number where this digital artwork resides on the blockchain in the form of a token

External link: https://opensea.io/assets/0x2a46f2ffd99e19a89476e2f62270e0a35bbf0756/40913