A data visualization artpiece (in NFT format)

Added to the Museum of Data by Eylul Bombaci on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. Museum of Data Collection ID: 1198.

Public description: From the series of space data: "An Important Memory for Humanity" this series aims to discuss the notion of viewing humankind "from outer space," in addition to looking at space exploration archives through the perspective of artificial intelligence. This collection of data sculptures is based on the first all-civilian space flight of the world. The data is gathered from the SpaceX project named Inspiration4, a mission to orbit named after 4 civilian people. The data about the effects of space travel on humans were gathered from the NASA and SpaceX-funded research institute TRISH (Transnational Research Institute for Space Health) which is an institute that works to decrease space travel's impact on health. UMAP Sculptures are artificial intelligence (AI) data paintings that mimic a latent walk in a data universe of all the spoken words and visuals from the expedition, as the space tourists would have seen it from orbit. They combine Anadol's idea of managing data as if it were its own cosmos with his theory of latent space in data visualization as a site for self-generating expansion, similar to the expansion of the universe. The data sculptures support the research with meaningful insights incorporating space health and general critical health problems. In addition to that, St Jude Children's Research Hospital will receive a 30% donation of all NFT sales.

Materials used: AI generated data interpretation, no known software. Refik Anadol Studio works with different teams from: Microsoft, Harvard, UCLA, Panasonic, JPL/NASA, Siemens, Google, Nvidia, Intel, IBM Epson, MIT, Stanford University, and UCSF

Credit: Artist, Curator: Refik Anadol, Refik Anadol Studio In collaboration with: CreativeWorkStudios, Inspiration4 project and TRISH Current owner of the NFT: blockchainbk (via Opensea) Display options: Opensea NFT Refik Anadol

Copyright: Contract Address 0xd218...acb7 Token ID 4019 Token Standard ERC-721 Chain Ethereum Creator Fee info 10%

Size: No size indicated. A branched colorful scheme where every line meets at the center. Even though the colors are mixed up there are clear flow between the color spectrum. Some of the branches are longer than others while some others may connect. There are no hard corners but no straight edges either. We can see that some colored branches concentrate on the edges and get thinner through the center. But some colors also mix up while thickening to the center.

Creation date: 2022/04/07 00:00:00

Alternate titles: Data Sculpture

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