Food poisoning data visualisation by Federico Fragapane

Added to the Museum of Data by Inna Bondarenko on Monday, November 14, 2022. Museum of Data Collection ID: 1344.

Public description: The visualization shows the data on restaurant-associated foodborne outbreaks reported in England and Wales from 1992 to 2009, by national cuisine type. The outbreaks are represented into three macro-categories: food types, pathogens and toxins and contributing factors related to the outbreaks. – Source: Gormley et al (2012). 'Choose your menu wisely: cuisine-associated food-poisoning risks in restaurants in England and Wales'. Epidemiology and Infection Journal, Vol. 140. | Link: https://bit.ly/1zNNCo4 A project by Federica Fragapane Francesco Majno Frederica Fragapane is an award winning Visual and Information Designer freelance who strongly believes in the communicative potential of data visualization.

Materials used: Frederica is usually using Adobe Illustrator software to create her visualisation, however there is no publicly available confirmation that it was used for this specific one

Credit: A project was created by Federica Fragapane and Francesco Majno

Size: Small digital photo

Creation date: 2012/11/01 00:00:00

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