A set of code to realize adaptive-step ODE program and evaluate its accuracy.

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Public description: The differential equation could be too complicated to calculate and draw out in hand. Therefore, I designed a program to draw out the original differential equation and another program to evaluate the accuracy of ODE program. By using Matlab, ODE program draws out the standard normal distribution function and the standard delta function first, then evaluation function draw out a picture to show how much error this program has for each adaptive step. These code are obviously related to digital and exit in the virtual world. But they act as tools that allow a mathematical question to be solved easily. What they represent is similar to a draft paper or a calculator. You can simply put the number into Matlab while processing the codes, then you can receive the result.

Materials used: Matlab

Credit: Jiayue Zhao.

Language: matlab

Creation date: 2018/05/16 09:00:00

Other date: 2017/11/23 00:00:00

Alternate titles: No

Tags: 8, 11

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