A Virtual Hospital Corridor Smellscape

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Public description: This smellscape captures the odour in the corridor of the NHS hospital with the assistance of 27 people who had stayed there over a certain period of time. There are odours from people, daily necessities, hospital equipment, food, body fluids and buildings. All the scents are woven into a picture of the memories and experiences of the hospital, carrying memories of the senses and the body. As the starter said, it is aimed to explore how the NHS hospital might be conceived and understood through its smellscape alone. 'The virtual map requires you use your imagination to conjure the smells; from the weak and insipid coffee floating near the hospital canteen to the many bodies in the busy entrance halls, from metallic odours of stale blood emanating from the operating theatre to the sweaty, sticky, stale pong of the waiting room.'

Materials used: Digital Print as its media;olfactory experience; pixel dots within the screen

Credit: Creator:Kate McLean; Commissioned by: Sensing and Modern Health/care Environments network (Wellcome Trust).

Language: English

Size: The original size:420mm x 297mm; The real size: the same as the NHS hospital corridor

Creation date: 2020/05/29 00:00:00

Alternate titles: NO

Alternate identifiers: Olfactory visualisation;Sensory Maps;NHS

External link: https://sensorymaps.com/?projects=hospital-corridor-smellscape

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