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Public description: This object is AK-47 gunsmith featured in a video game Call of Duty: Warzone. It's designed based on its physical counterpart which is yet another object briefly described in this entry as well as the picture of the game version of the gun which is used as a depiction of the gaming object. Game players can customise and upgrade this object by changing: the muzzle, lasers, optic, stock, rear grip, magazine, underbarrel, and barrel, always for the same goal: shoot better - more precisely and more deadly. "Fans of many shooter games have created videos of “guns in real life”, dedicated to explaining all the similarities between real guns and their virtual counterparts, the physical stamina needed to carry and fire them in real life, and their efficacy in a corresponding game" (The Atlantic). Based on the quoted text as well as on the general gaming experience, we can say that AK-47 gunsmith from Call Of Duty is an artefact of its "real" counterpart, with each version of this game becoming more and more similar to it not only within one sensory dimension like its design, but also sound and soon maybe even touch? The question that is concerning me here is whether we should aim for the full translation of experience with the "real" object into its digital form? Here, the digital object (AK-47 gunsmith) is more accessible than its "real" counterpart, but it's also more "flat", stripped of its social and psychological meaning (burden?).And shouldn't it stay this way?

Materials used: imagination, code, 3D texture

Credit: The picture of the gun as well as the gun from the game are trademarked by Call Of Duty and therefore are its property. However, when in the game, users can customise weapons and therefore every player can create their own guns. It means that Call Of Duty provides materials, but leaves it to users to design their guns, who can own it only for the duration of the game though.

Copyright: Call of Duty®

Size: The size of the picture uploaded is 136KB, but there are other elements in the picture that have weight so it's hard to estimate how heavy is the actual fragment of the picture where the gun sits. In terms of the size in the game, again, it's hard to tell as the whole game weights 33.9GB for PS4 but there are also other heavier/lighter versions for other systems. Anyway, it's extremely hard to measure this particular object as there is not only video but also sound weight included and again it would be different for different systems. In its physical, "real" form, AK-47 weighs 4.78 kg (10.5 lb), its overall length is 87.0 cm (34.3 in) and height: 26.7 cm (10.5 in). In general, all mentioned types of measurements are not important to gamers themselves, but rather "mobility" which for this gun is 70%. If we would like to talk about this object as a part of gaming reality, then "mobility" needs to be included as a new type of measurement.

Creation date: 2020/03/10 00:00:00

External link: https://www.callofduty.com/warzone/strategyguide/pre-game-preparation/Weapons

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