‘An Heart’ digital sculpture

Added to the Museum of Data by Jane Davies on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Museum of Data Collection ID: 441.

Public description: 'An Heart' is a 3 dimensional digital sculpture created by artists Jane Davies and Joe Moss, using digital sculpting tool on Cinema 4D software. Davies and Moss are attempting to navigate between the concurrent modelling spaces of memory, CAD softwares, the 3D-printing bed, and the physical studio. An Heart looks towards the utopic collaborative possibilities of working between these different planes, and a future whereby these various existences and mediums are valued beyond their ability to harvest a price in units. The collaborative effort utilized both Davies and Moss' memory to sculpt heart imagery.

Materials used: object made of manipulated polygon mesh in .stl file, created through Computer-aided design software (Cinema4D)

Credit: Jane Davies and Joe Moss are the creator and current owners of the object.

Language: object file is written in STL - Standard Triangle Language

Size: The file size of the object (and arguable the size of the object in data) is 96.558MB. The original measurements of the object at 100% are: W206.2139mmXH294.7463mmXD188.6102mm, however these are subject to change with alternate printing sizes. The object is made of 368,768 triangles, with 1,106,304 vertices.

Creation date: 2019/12/01 00:00:00

External link: https://joemoss.co.uk/An-Heart-Press

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