Block/Unblock Button

Added to the Museum of Data by Catriona Howie on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Museum of Data Collection ID: 522.

Public description: This object is a common function on most social media platforms, and represents an important aspect of the digital world. This object gives users the ability to take-down/put-up a barrier between their account and someone else's - it alters the ability for communication and accessibility. When two digital users decide to block each other, it materializes a boundary and function that is non-translatable to non-digital relationships.

Materials used: Pixels that communicate the definition of a relationship

Credit: This is taken from the function on Instagram and so the object is owned by the social media, however, what the function stands for implies that the individual use has ownership over their accounts privacy.

Size: The dimensions of the object is around a centimetre wide and 0.2mm tall.

Creation date: 2010/10/06 00:00:00

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