Canoes, Lifeways, Waterways-by SFU Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

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Public description: This is an online photo archive of the canoes used by Canadian First Nations (which is also as well know as indigenous or aboriginal people) to explore rivers and seas. This digital museum was published by Simon Fraser University, which is located at first nation reserves in British Columbia province. It shows that indigenous people living in different areas create their own style of canoes that can be identified from its materials, colors, and totems. The reason that I choose this digital museum is I am interested in Indigenous cultures and I feel like I want to share their beautiful and fascinating cultures to you! Reference:

Materials used: Photo archives taken from different aspects of real canoes

Credit: Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology of Simon Fraser University, created by Denee Renouf and Marie Gurr. The photos are taken by M.K. Nilson.

Language: Indigenous language and totem

Size: About 60 feet(ft)

Creation date: 2022/11/13 00:00:00

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