Casio FX 83 GT Plus

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Public description: 2010 saw the release of the Casio FX 83 GT Plus, an upgrade on the original Fx-8x series demarked only by a subtle re-shape in case, the introduction of a pink range (see photograph) and the addition GT as a suffix. The calculator has 260 functions, 50 keys and a liquid display function. The Tokyo based company, Casio, is a large manufacturer of calculators creating their first in 1954. The companies calculators are used daily around the UK in schools and other institutions and this version of the calculator points to a particular moment in time and cohort of students. It has now been replaced by FX-85GTX. The calculators materiality is regularly overlooked in replace of it's functionality. How its design is situated temporal is representative of wider technological advances and landscapes.

Materials used: plastic, LCD, AAA batteries, formulas, digital, buttons, circuits, solar, energy.

Credit: Ownership - created by Casio in 2010 developed from the companies first digital calculator in 1954. Ownership - Individual purchasers in possession of a Casio FX 83 GT Plus in various locations Authorship - Casio: creating the functionality of the calculator, bases on specific mathematical rules. Authorship - Individual users of the calculator, interacting with the device to obtain specific answers.

Size: 18 x 12 x 2 centimetres

Creation date: 2020/10/19 10:44:00

Alternate titles: Digital Calculator / Scientific Calculator

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