Colony Omega Redacted Portraits

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Public description: Colony Omega Redacted Portraits, 2016 24 C-type photographs. 351 x 234mm Should data privacy be restricted to humans? involves tracking (but not experimenting on) Colony Omega - a colony of naked mole-rats maintained in an artificial environment designed for behavioural observation. Freeman has blocked out all of their eyes. This humorous act strangely highlights the individuality of each of the naked mole-rats. It also stems from, and refers to, wider and more serious concerns. Poachers are said to be using metadata from tourist’s photographs on safari, or even academic papers, to locate and kill endangered animals. Respecting an animal’s right to privacy may become akin to respecting their right to life. The work re-contextualises more human-centric privacy issues.

Materials used: Digital photographs, redaction marks

Credit: Colony Omega Redacted Portraits by Lorna Ellen Faulkes & Julie Freeman from the project

Copyright: ©Lorna Ellen Faulkes & Julie Freeman

Language: English

Size: Digital images 300dpi 5760 x 3840 pixels

Creation date: 2016/08/17 12:00:00

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