Completed Design Club worksheet: Explore how apps make money

A worksheet exploring how Instagram makes money - completed by two year 7 students. They write that "Instagram steal your data and sell it to other companies...they no (sic) no one will read the terms and conditions."

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Public description: Design Club is a social enterprise where mentors teach design thinking through after school clubs. Children learn to design and prototype apps to solve social challenges. Alongside helping children design apps, mentors may want to encourage a basic understanding of ethics and business models: how do apps make money? What are the pros and cons of different ways of making money? How do these different ways impact on our (the users) security, privacy and mental health? This is a completed page from the Design Club worksheet pack: Explore how apps make money. The two children who filled out this sheet are in Year 7 - so aged 11-12. Their answers show an awareness of the dangers of data gathering and sharing, and of the opacity of typical terms and conditions contracts.

Materials used: Printer ink (various colours), felt tip ink (blue) and A4 paper (white)

Credit: Worksheet created by Design Club CIC. All material is published under a Creative Commons attribution-non-commercial licence. Photograph taken by Jemima Gibbons.

Size: 210 x 297 mm

Creation date: 2021/10/20 00:00:00

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