Cookie Policy Notification

Added to the Museum of Data by Sam Meeson-Frizelle on Monday, October 19, 2020. Museum of Data Collection ID: 503.

Public description: This object is a screenshot of a particular cookie policy notification and the corresponding preference settings from the Telegraph website. Using cookies to capture information about website users and their browsing habits falls under the umbrella of 'data protection' - an interesting notion to compare with the preservation or protection of objects in more 'traditional' museum spaces.

Materials used: underlying code to create the banner - binary bit string.

Credit: Telegraph, ICO, the user

Size: The first dimension of this object is the visual interface that the user has with their computer or device. There is a second dimension of the corresponding HTTP preferences for that user stored as data by the host websites server. Then there is also the dimension of how the engagement with this policy has an impact with the partnered websites that may or may not receive cookies from the user of this website.

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