Cursed juxtaposition of algorithmic advertisements and recommendations

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Public description: If one scrolls down a digital media platform, it is very frequent to see a combination of algorithmic recommendations content. These recommendations often present a very shocking juxtaposition of elements, ranging from advertisements, links to other digital media (usually with very attention-drawing headline and images) and links to the site’s sponsors. These images are selected cuts from the advertisement, sponsor, and recommendation section in different digital media platforms, taken from the post.todo project. This Instagram page publishes this kind of cuts by itself and the help of its followers. The first image portrays three bears. This bears are taken from a photograph taken in 2013 in Finland, but went viral in 2020 as “baby bears found dancing in the forest” However in the text one can read “brutal pelea en el super” (brutal fight in the supermarket) This corresponds to the next element in the feed but it appears that it refers to the bears. This creates an absurd contrast between the elements. This absurdity is a common visual experience online and offline referring to information and advertising, and it can be argued that lies deep under the new trends of internet humor such as the “absurd memes” The second image portrays a chaotic display of elements, an overload of shocking and brutal elements. From top to bottom we can read three headlines: “Dating sites for old people / 33 peculiar images that you don’t see every day- the most viral of the internet in a single place / 10 of the NAZI experiments and tortures more…”. All of it is accompanied by shocking images. This kind of attention aggression through advertisement and clickbait is also a common experience. In the third image we can read, top to bottom: “Child sex abuse / sponsors / Amazon / turn a minimal investment into a monthly revenue” This talks about how not even sponsors are free of being involuntarily damaged by the algorithmic juxtaposition of elements. These images are about visual experience, attention economy and dark humor. It make us think how something as simple as the physical limitations of a screen can create unintentional captions that deeply lay in our subconscious.

Materials used: Personalized algorithmic feed, images in jpeg and jpg. Text from editors in the digital media platforms, cookies, html code.

Credit: post.todo page and its followers. Credit to personalized algorithms of the post.todo page creators and its followers for providing with the raw material for the compositions.

Language: Spanish

Size: brutal pelea en el super 645 x 745 pixels 96 ppp 24 bits depth, variable size depending on the screen when visualizing. sitios de citas para personas mayores 641 x 715 pixels 96 ppp 24 bits depth, variable size depending on the screen when visualizing. amazon 320x 400 pixels 96 ppp 24 bits depth, variable size depending on the screen when visualizing.

Creation date: 2020/07/26 00:00:00

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