Data Model of Marriage

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Public description: A data model representing that demonstrates how to model a 'contemporary' marriage. Picked as an explicit representation of how databases and technical systems embed politics and views of the world and can be interrogated to render visible 'hidden' epistemological and ontological commitments. When deployed by powerful groups, large-scale databases with rigid definitions can enforce or depict very specific types of behaviours. People not 'fitting in the boxes' becomes literal, whereas fluid formations of identity challenge rigid structures enforced by traditional relational data modelling. This particular model has the flexibility to allow multiple (or no) marriages for individual partners. Gender, although a mandatory field denoted by the * does not have a table with an enforced list of values. Non-binary or queer identities can more readily be accommodated; although whether this was the intent of the modeller is open to interpretation. For more information on modelling standards to support the interpretation of this diagram and similar ones, search 'UML Data Model'.

Credit: Barry Williams

Copyright: Barry Williams

Creation date: 2004/04/14 00:00:00

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