ET-Internet of Us

Added to the Museum of Data by Sherry Sharma on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Museum of Data Collection ID: 479.

Public description: A microchip implant that aims to tie your digital self to yourself, trying to take control of one's own digital identity. It is a human embeddable technology that is powered by blockchain. It is a biocompatible NFC implant that enables seamless digital interaction with most everyday encounters for example, getting rid of keys, money and access cards. This object is in the Museum of Data as it is "embodied" at physical, techno-social, cultural and economic levels.

Materials used: Bioglass, RFID,softwares

Credit: This Biochip is made by a company based in Sweden. The materials used are sourced from around the globe:The radio frequency identification device installed between thumb and forefinger is Chinese, with German biocompatible glass, Spanish electronics and various un-named miners, software programmers, researchers etc. The owner of the biochip is the person wearing it (in whom it is embedded). The credit for making it goes to both the company that made it physically and the individual person who is embedding his/her data into the microchip to make it his/her own.

Size: Grain of Rice (approximately 6-7 mm)

Creation date: 2020/10/18 08:04:00

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