eTickets of National Rail

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Public description: Nationl Rail eTickets are smart tickets are rail tickets that can be loaded on the mobile phones in the form of a mobile ticket or printed at home. Each eTicket includes a barcode that holds the passenger's ticket information, which is scanned to validate it for travel. The passenger can purchase the tickets online select the eTicket delivery option, then an email with an eTicket will be sent, save the tickets on the phone or print at home. At the train station, the passenger can simply scan in and out at the ticket gate to go through and start their journey. This way passengers can buy the tickets in a more efficient way and have a more convenient train travel.

Materials used: QR codes

Credit: Issued subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel and CIV

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Creation date: 2021/11/14 00:00:00

Other date: 2021/11/08 00:00:00

Alternate titles: mobile tickets of National Rail

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