“Historias entre lienzos” (Histories between canvases), a Digital Argentine Women Artists Archive

Added to the Museum of Data by Ernestina Alvarez Corona on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Museum of Data Collection ID: 1044.

Public description: Historia entre lienzos (Histories between canvases) is a digital archive that collects high quality images, location of the artworks, biographies and bibliography about women artists from Argentina. This project was made in response to the scarce amount of online information and images of most of Argentinian female artists' work. https://www.entrelienzos.org

Materials used: Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, Bits, Academic texts

Credit: Guadalupe Lobeto and Paloma Etenberg

Language: Spanish

Size: .

Creation date: 2019/03/01 00:00:00

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