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Added to the Museum of Data by Haidy Geismar on Wednesday, August 28, 2019. Museum of Data Collection ID: 356.

Public description: This is a single photography uploaded to the instagram account of the Tiny Pricks Project which is an archive of notable sayings by US President Donald Trump that have been embroidered by a broad community of stitchers. The actual embroidery is part of the Tiny Pricks collection and is exhibited in various venues, organised by Diana Weymar @tinypricksproject. This is therefore both an image archive, a stitched archive, and an archive of political statements.

Materials used: cotton, thread, words, news, opinions, comments, old calendar linen, words

Credit: @sdbanks55 @dianaweymar @tinypricksproject


Language: English

Size: screen sized, screenshot sized, infinite

Creation date: 2019/07/28 00:00:00

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Tags: 15, 16, 17

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