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Public description: This is a long-term project with the Klein Gardens in the city of Münster. There are about 80 regulated Klein Garden societies in Münster. The members are very proud of the gardens – part allotments, part leisure gardens, with club houses in each for socialising and parties. They keep them beautifully. When I was asked to participate in Skulptur Projekte Münster (which convenes every ten years), I came up with the idea of asking the gardeners to keep nature diaries, which could be exhibited at the next Projekte. Some people write poems in the diaries, some get children to make drawings, others cut out things out from newspapers. The project is a microcosm of the gardners' interaction with nature and, of course, with one another. Visitors to Münster 2007 could also buy seeds for the Davidia Involucrata tree, which flowers after approximately ten years, so that when the tree blooms they are reminded to return to Münster for the next Skulptur Projekte.

Credit: Jeremy Deller

Copyright: Jeremy Deller

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