Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour #4 (NFT)

Added to the Museum of Data by Helen Robertson on Monday, November 14, 2022. Museum of Data Collection ID: 1351.

Public description: In the spring of 2022, the Scottish whisky brand Johnnie Walker entered the non-fungible token (NFT) market with their first auction of a digitally-tokenised whisky. Launched as the "Masters of Flavour" collection, the auction included 7 rare, vaulted bottles of whisky, each one tied to a unique NFT designed by the digital artist 'Boss Logic.' Each winner of the auction received a digital NFT that they could 'redeem' at any time for the physical bottle. This image is a screenshot of NFT #4, which was auctioned off for 17.85 ETH (approx. 22,000 USD) to the user '@RitsonPinheiro.' When viewed online, the emerald-coloured bottle floats on an invisible plane, glittering with flecks of light and luminescence as it slowly spins. This combination of 'life-like' and pixelated attributes situate the digital object as something that is both physical and uniquely 'digital.' Another aspect that makes this digital object interesting is its complexity of placement and ownership. As both a digital object and representation of a physical object, the NFT is situated in two 'places' at once: wherever its digital metadata currently sits, and the location of the physical bottle. The metadata of this object will indicate its ownership. The NFT was originally owned by Johnnie Walker, but the artwork itself may be copyrighted by the digital artist. The current owner, @RitsonPinheiro, may currently 'own' the NFT, but the whisky brand could still physically hold the bottle. These assemblages of relationships, placement, and ownership demonstrate how NFTs tied to physical objects make for an interesting item in the Museum of Data collection.

Materials used: the object is a digital rendering of a physical whisky bottle


Size: Because the object is digitally designed to the likeness of a physical object, it appears no larger than a thumbnail size (approx 6 inches tall zoomed onto a screen).

Creation date: 2022/05/31 00:00:00

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