Life Management in Digital: Tracking and Planning

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Public description: This is a Notion homepage. Notion is a productivity application for project management, note-taking, task management, knowledge management, and schedule management using databases and markdown pages for personal and collaboration work. Different from many other productivity applications, the central feature of Notion is all-in-one, which means that users can realise highly personalised and customised functions on Notion. Notes or contents on Notion range from work calendar to travel planner, from budget planner to personal diary. With the support of markup language and unlimited numbers of database and folder, users are able to develop their own system of record in this application. Notion shows how people in digital age use digital tool to realise personal life management and demonstrate a way people engage with digital.

Materials used: Software

Credit: Notion is a public application made by Ivan Zhao. And the author of this homepage is a blogger on the social media platform called RED. This is an open source because the author posed the page and shared the link to the page on public so that others can duplicate this page and edit it.

Language: English and Chinese

Size: Notion is highly personalised and customised with infinite layers of folds. Thus, the size depends on how large is the creator's database and how many files/documents he/she adds. All the data in Notion is uploaded in Cloud.

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