Mathematical instruments on turbulence field around the Handley Page aircraft (1929) [turbulence + aircraft]

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Public description: Mathematical instruments on turbulence field around the Handley Page aircraft (1929) made to be an interior installation in Science Museum. [objects are inseparable: the representation of the object] 1. It was made in 2017 by Zaha Hadid Architects. To see the detail: 2. It is more than just plane turbulence, it is the illustration of the mathematical equation, the foundation of modern aviation development and a tangible aesthetic representation of mathematical design. 3. It is located in the The Wilton Gallery in Science Museum London. You can find it on the printed map of Science Museum. 4. Everyone is able to access to the site when visiting the museum. It is belong to Science Museum. Intellectual credit is belonged to Zaha Hadid Architects. 5. It is displayed to enable a better understanding of mathematics from an intangible concept to a tangible object. 6. Science Museum is experimenting to display it with different medium. i.e. VR, Videos:

Materials used: Rendering softwares, mathematical equation, User parametric meter, aircraft

Credit: Created by Zaha Hadid Architects. It is visualised and created from the turbulence flows from The Handley Page aircraft (1929), celebrating the mathematics of aerodynamics that was carried out during WWI and helped expand aircraft manufactures around the world.

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