Mood Pinball (2019)

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Public description: Mood Pinball by Ben Neal, Edie Jo Murray, and Harmeet Chagger-Khan, reimagines how city-wide data could be used for individuals to find comfort zones within their city and therefore, improve their experiences. Edie Jo Murray is a neurodiverse artist who uses her own experiences of noise sensitivity to create this digital pinball machine with highly stylized graphics and rich saturated colors that represent the "alien-like" feel that autistic people often experience. Sensitivity to noise impacts how people will experience different parts of their city and data about noise in public space is difficult to access. While using this machine, you "become" a pinball and travel around an urban environment, bumping into people and visiting locations. New interactions and environments result in changing moods and you are urged to keep the "Mood-o-meter" at "happy" by responding to the noise-level data revealed in gameplay. Sets of synthesized and open data, from computer scientists at Southhampton University, influence changes in state and wellbeing. This machine was created following a series of workshops for autistic and neurodiverse people in Birmingham and highlights how citizens and businesses need to use information and data to better understand the world and improve people's lives where they can. (Information sourced from the Open Data Institute)

Materials used: Digital pinball machine with arcade buttons and a ball shooter, made with custom software and bespoke 3D graphics on a wooden frame

Credit: Mood Pinball was made by Ben Neal, Edie Jo Murray, and Harmeet Chagger-Khan. It was constructed at Psicon Lab and commissioned by the Open Data Institute (ODI) in partnership with the University of Southampton DataStories project, supported by the EPSRC. Produced by BOM. Exhibited at BOM, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Open Data Institute. The Pinball cabinet was done by Joseph Welden with additional laser cutting by Juneau Projects. The music on the machine was done by Arc Vel.

Copyright: Commissioned by ODI Data as Culture in partnership with the University of Southampton Data Stories project, supported by the EPSRC, grant number EP/PO25676/1. Produced by BOM centre for art, technology and science, Birmingham. Copyright © 2020 Psicon Lab All rights reserved.

Language: English

Size: Mood Pinball is a full-sized virtual pinball machine. Based on the photographs available, and general information on the average pinball machine size, I can estimate the size being approximately 76 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 52 inches deep with the playing surface set at a slope of 6.5 degrees (

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