Object Activator (Te Ara Wairua)

Added to the Museum of Data by Haidy Geismar on Sunday, March 17, 2019. Museum of Data Collection ID: 229.

Public description: This DIY interface was created by Stuart Foster and Kura Puke (Massey University) as part of a project in collaboration with Te Matahiapo Organization and Haidy Geismar/UCL Ethnography Collections. Comprised of a strip of LED lights, a small light sensitive power panel and a telephone connector the kit aims to allow source communities to call up and be connected to an objects in an ethnographic collection and to then transmit sound, and light, over the object, activating an energetic electrical, and spiritual network (drawing on the Maori term for spiritual connections: Wairua).

Materials used: LED, Cables, Transformer, Plug

Credit: Kura Puke and Stuart Foster

Copyright: Kura Puke and Stuart Foster

Creation date: 2014/06/02 12:00:00

Files associated with this object:

  • Tukutuku_Roimata_small

    Different attempts to digitize and connect to the cloak, Tukutuku Roimata, in the UCL Ethnography Collections. Video composite made by Haidy Geismar (2017).

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