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Public description: p5.js is an open-source javascript library designed to make interactive web-development accessible and inclusive. The library has over 1.5 million users and is taught in schools and universities worldwide, and used by both hobbyists and professsionals. The resource is a text-based file that translates vanilla javascript's complex boilerplate code requirements into an easily understandable and readable language for beginners. Focusing especially on creative communities, the language is constructed to reference a sketchbook. The users never directly interacts with the file (in fact if you do you are at risk of creating bugs and ruining its efficiency), but instead attaches it to their webpage and codes in a separate file (often called a "sketch") which is translated by the library into compatible code for any browser to read. The project surrounding this object runs outreach teaching events which emphasis inclusion and diversity within the arts and technology. The file is accessible as a downloadable file to use within any code-editor, but can also be used in a free online code editor. (editor.p5.js)

Materials used: text-based javascript file

Credit: The project was created by artist and developer Lauren Lee McCarthy and is supported by the Processing foundation. It is currently led by Qianqian Ye. The file-object is as a result of contributions by more than 450 developers managed using GitHub by project stewards. The design of the logo within the thumbnail is by Jerel Johnson.

Size: The size of the p5.js file is 3.8MB, but the size of the object as experienced by the user is linked to the reduction of user-created code required to achieve something. Therefore the size of p5.js could be considered to be the reduction of size and not a quantifiable size in itself.

Creation date: 2014/07/21 00:00:00

Other date: 2022/08/09 00:00:00

External link: https://p5js.org/

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