screenshot of Twitter post featuring digital photographs of memento mori objects from Science Museum Group Collection

Added to the Museum of Data by Alexandra Krook on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Museum of Data Collection ID: 900.

Public description: This is a screenshot of a tweet from Twitter user @DrSamGeorge1, retweeted by @ThanatosArchive, a digital channel dedicated to post-mortem and mourning photography and wider death-related iconography. The wording of the tweet is: "MEMENTO MORI JEWELLERY C16th conjoined wedding rings with skeleton or memento mori, a reminder of death, the soul's journey & the unity of forever; An C18th silver skeleton worn as a memento mori pendant inside a gold coffin, Science Museum, London #FolkloreThursday". The attachments are two digital photographs of memento mori objects from The Science Museum Group Collection: conjoined wedding rings with engravings and skeleton detailing and a pendant of a skeleton in a coffin, made from silver, steel and gold.

Materials used: Twitter post made of digital photographs, HP laptop screengrab, Google Chrome web browser, Twitter UX and UI, python coding; object original materials: gold, silver, steel

Credit: Digital object Post from Twitter account @DrSamGeorge1, retweeted by @ThanatosArchive, screengrab Material object represented (pendant details, rings unknown) Artist: Unknown Collection: Science Museum Group Collection CATEGORY: Anatomy & Pathology OBJECT NUMBER: A641823

Copyright: None found

Language: English

Size: Screen-size eg adjustable/infinite

Creation date: 2021/11/11 13:20:00

Other date: 2021/11/10 10:11:00

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