The 2974 Collection NFT of Stephen Curry

Added to the Museum of Data by Siyuan Zhang on Monday, November 14, 2022. Museum of Data Collection ID: 1322.

Public description: The 2974 Collection commemorates the new all-time 3-point record achieved by Stephen Curry. There is one NFT for each 3-pointer, from his first to the record-setter. Each NFT also contains one of four sketches created entirely out of the number "2974," along with the date, location, Stephen’s digital signature and any special moments associated with the game.

Materials used: pixels and bytes.

Credit: -The sketches were created by artist Andrea McDonald. -The additional storyboard NFTs were created by 86-year-old Floyd Norman. -All these stats on Stephen's career come from Elias Sports Bureau. -Image rights from Stephen Curry. -Distribution rights from the brand Under Armour.

Language: English

Size: Digital dimensions and measured by bytes and pixels.

Creation date: 2021/12/14 20:00:00

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