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Public description: During COVID 19, two platforms Alipay and WeChat launched Health Code, a tracing app that aims to help Chinese governments identify people potentially exposed to COVID-19 in China. Health Code can assess people’s contagion risks based on factors like travel history, duration of time spent in risky areas, and relationships to potential carriers. People receive a QR-code on smartphones, indicating their exposure risks and mobility. Based on their data, all users are classified into three colour-based categories: green, yellow, and red. While a green code suggests that the person is healthy and can move around the city freely, a yellow or red code indicates that the user has medium or high exposure risk and thus needs to self-quarantine (7–14 days). While the yellow code does not necessarily mean the person has the virus, it suggests that the person has a greater risk of infection. Moreover, the status of the Health Code is updated at midnight daily. Thus, a user’s green code will be transformed into yellow or red if smartphone GPS data show that the user went to a risky area.

Materials used: background under COVID 19 in China

Credit: I think I am the author of this photo because it's a health code of mine and there is personal information about myself.

Size: size: 1242x2148 I took the picture with my phone and it contains the size of the picture

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