You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

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Public description: This object is a digital webpage of the Sylvester 12" record, "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" taken from Discogs, a website where different records are collected, sorted and filed under their highly specific designations. The webpage consists of a taxonomy relating to a vinyl wax pressing of music from 1978, links to YouTube videos of the song itself, potentially taken from the record it is referencing, or potentially from other versions. It is also a site where one can understand value, as set out by users of the site and past sales, as well as items that are themselves for sale. The page is thus a link to different parts of the world, historical points where the record exchanged hands and moved geographically between users, and specific records across the world, listed in the 'for sale' tab, each of which has its own specific history, related by its condition.

Materials used: Vinyl records and pixels enmeshed, and linked together

Credit: The users that created this taxonomy certainly deserve an element of authorship, 'tracerfirefm, uzumaki, SoulDancer, maxi-freak, vokuhila', but in creating a taxonomical system, equally the creator of the music, Sylvester, which has then been physicalised, and digitalised deserves credit. An interesting thing, I suppose, to also then think about, is those who physicalised it - Fantasy Records - how does their actual 'creation' of the record play into these understandings of creation? I would say they also deserve credit, but it is difficult to understand who 'they' are, beyond a company name.

Size: I conceptualise my object as a series of links, running between geographically situated 12" records, which together form a chain of electrical energy across large distances.

Creation date: 2003/10/01 00:00:00

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Tags: 7, 3, 8, 14

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