Voice note

Added to the Museum of Data by Rosie Lee on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Museum of Data Collection ID: 461.

Public description: A voice note recorded by one person and sent directly to another. This object has evolved as a tool for humans, enabling them to interact more intimately than the confines of a text message. No longer bound by time constraints and manual labor, the voice note offers an attractive alternative for effective communication. This object resides in the museum as it presents an example of how the social and cultural can be revealed through digital objects, thereby increasing the visibility of social relationships which constitute digital objects. However, this lack of engagement that the voice note entails, compared to the text message, results in a lack of awareness of the technical. This illusion thereby conceals the technical.

Materials used: The object is created by a human voice, constituting an audio recording.

Credit: The owner of this digital object is the person who recorded the audio and thus created the voice recording. However, the person who created the technology which enabled the person to record the audio in the first place, is the owner of the technology. Another owner of the digital object to consider, is the receiver of the voice note. The data is stored in their device and they are therefore able to access to audio recording as and when they please and even forward it to other recipients. In this sense, ownership of the voice note transforms as the data is passed between individuals.

Language: English

Size: The object, measured in data terms, varies in size depending on how long the voice recording is. The visual size of the object, however, remains constant. The object is a small part of a larger thread of messages between two people.

Creation date: 2020/10/13 00:00:00

Other date: 2020/10/13 12:31:00

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