The Intertidal Room

Added to the Museum of Data by Sadie Couture on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. Museum of Data Collection ID: 853.

Public description: The object is a soundwalk. Digital audio designed to be listened to while walking, disseminated at particular times, via a livestream or at your leisure via download. The walk is to be done at low tide when the water is slack (the period of time when the tide has gone out and is not yet coming back in), and is to be done in an intertidal zone of your choice (the livestream timing corresponds to the tides in Vancouver, BC). The walk explores the ways in which liminal spaces and borderlands, the moon, tides, and oceans, humans and other-than-humans interact in many ways. The walk invites participants to rethink their relations to temporality, spatiality, and materiality and how and what we rely on in our daily lives. Time and place specificity are not incidental to the walk; artist Jacek Smolicki explains, “the project was developed to be listened to in specific spatio-temporal conditions, with a proper respect to the land, cultures, entities and people it has been pertaining to.” The walk is an action, the walk is a place, it is a time, it is an audio file.

Materials used: Sand, water, rocks, seaweed, crabs, barnacles. Digital audio (.mp3 file), a mobile device, headphones, human being(s).

Credit: The walk was created by Jacek Smolicki. It was produced on, by, and with, the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples, but you may be doing it on territories which are stewarded by others.

Language: English

Size: The walk’s size varies depending on your route and walking speed. It could be as small as a square metre, or as large as a 5 kilometre loop. The audio file is 133 MB.

Creation date: 2020/09/29 00:00:00

Other date: 2020/10/17 00:00:00

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Tags: 8, 14, 13

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